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Daniel Merriam

Daniel Merriam is a contemporary surrealist and is best known for his dry brush technique and imaginative style. Born in 1963 in York, Maine, Merriam taught himself to paint at a very young age and used his art as a method of reflective play throughout his childhood.

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Nom Kinnear King

Lucky Sibiya

Internationally renown African Artist - the late Lucky Madhlo Sibiya (1942-1999). Born in Vryheid in Natal. His art was influenced by his upbringing as the son of a medicine man. He attended the St. Peter's Seminary where he studied for seven years. At a young age, he received private tutorage by the artist Cecil Skotnes. Skotnes introduced Lucky to the art of wood panel and the coloured woodcut.

Lucky Sibiya worked in a wide range of materials and he is world renowned for his abstract paintings and sculptural carvings. His art is Ndebele and traditional Africa in design. Central to his art is the human figure and his works often include African warriors, animals, birds, fish and cattle.

Many artists were and continue to be inspired by his work. He was a collector of art and shared his creative style through informal teaching.

Neil Rodger

David Bromley

Self-taught artist David Bromley's paintings have rich layers of vibrant colour and texture which cover the canvases in an obvious relish for painterliness. Figures are outlined in black in a way which is reminiscent of comic book imagery and pop art. Rather than super-heroes, though, Bromley chooses to paint women, birds and butterflies – marks of beauty, fertility and fragility – with rich backdrops of gold- and silver-leaf.

In exploring the female form, David Bromley paints life-size poses, either provocative or demure, of models from fashion and film. The portraits are commanding and seductive, the women attractive and alluring. While his inspiration may be Warhol, Bromley’s lines are more reductive in nature, with much cooler colours being used – often cold blues and metallics. Bromley has found a balance in his nudes that artists have long struggled with – that line between the erotic and innocent. Over centuries the nature of the female nude has shifted from the voluptuous maternal figure to the waif-like siren. Bromley creates a nude that is the perfect balance of both. His focus is clearly beauty & the upliftment of his viewers.

Vibrant and inspirational, Bromley swims against the tide of introspective, socio-political dialogue that pervades the art arena. A self-confessed rebel, he asserts that his art should be uplifting and lyrical, appealing to a side of us that is not bogged down in the transient high jinks of contemporary politics, psychology and economics. A side of us that celebrates simpler, more enduring fruit – a welcome tonic in unsettling times.

Bromley was born in 1960, Sheffield, in the UK. He moved to Australia in 1964, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited around the world, including Singapore, Paris, Tokyo & London. His sought-after works fall into two categories, namely the distinctive "Nudes" series and the nostalgic "Childhood" series. These are produced on a variety of mediums, acrylic on linen canvases, works on paper, screenprints, tapestries and bronzes. He was also named as one of the 50 most collectible artists in Australia by Australian Art Collector Magazine.

On “The Nudes”

"Whilst through his nudes - a departure both in subject matter and tone, we witness the adult and very private Bromley, the observant and reflective David, the artist who pays homage to beautiful women. A collection of diverse sitters that to my mind, reflect the spirit of Tori Dixon-Whittle - his partner, strength and muse." -Michael Reid Art Market Analyst for The Australian

"As male adolescence is interrupted by puberty and girls, so is this exhibition with paintings of pin-up beauties such as Rebecca, Melinda and Jillian. In these larger works, Bromley tackles the neglected theme of the female nude, and openly celebrates their youthful forms as objects of mystery and desire." - Jeff Makin, Herald Sun Monday April 17 2000

"I have been painting portraits for years, but mainly concentrating on the face. I wanted to evolve these portraits by adding emotion expressed through the body. I have taken photographs for years - doing fashion shoots - stills for film and music-clips. My aim is to represent the female form in a way that parallels the sexy, contemporary fashion and photographic magazines. It has been a challenging and rewarding process, and I have been inspired by love of Warhol´s work - in particular his portraiture and figurative work."

- David Bromley, 2001

John Meyer

John Meyer is one of South Africa’s leading contemporary realists. Born 1942, Meyer has put his indelible stamp on the genres of landscape, portraiture and narrative art. Meyer became a professional painter in 1972. Since then he has travelled extensively, painting landscapes from Nevada to Norway. He has exhibited consistently in the United States, Europe and South Africa, developing an international profile that few South African artists have achieved. Over the years he has become a court painter to the rich and powerful, and his subjects range from Nobel Peace Prize winners Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk, to renowned concert pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Since the early 1990’s Meyer has concentrated almost exclusively on what he calls the narrative genre – enigmatic figures caught in emotional ambiguities – representing a new direction to his art.

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Ken Auster

A native Californian, Ken Auster grew up with his feet deeply planted in the surfing culture. While studying illustration at California State University, Long Beach, he expressed his art through silkscreen and graphic design. In the mid 1990’s Ken moved to a more serious art level, involving him with the immediacy of oil paints as opposed to the process-burdened medium of printmaking.

Auster is a signature member of the Plein Air Painters of America, a founding signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and a signature member of the California Art Club. He consistently walks away with gold medals and first place awards at juried exhibits and his work is collected by patrons across America.



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Angus Wilson

Angus Wilson was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in numerous cities throughout the UK, as well as spending a period of time working in California. He has worked as a professional artist his entire career (20+ yrs), however his work has been varied and few would say his path to a fine art career was by a traditional route. Originally attending art college in the disciplines of photography, film, and animation, Angus then pursued a career in television and video, as well as the computer entertainment market.

Angus worked as a director, producer, editor, and animator. During this period his traditional painting functioned as a sideline. However in 2004, with growing popularity in his work, Angus made the decision to pursue his fine art career full time.

Angus has been involved in numerous shows and has displayed work internationally. In 2007 he relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, he works mainly in oil and acrylic, but also enjoys watercolor. He has painted and drawn his whole life and has been displaying and selling work for over fifteen years.

Daffodils on Flowered Tablecloth 34x34 acrylic on panel

Sunfowers and Onions on Purple Cloth_36x24_acrylic on pane

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Timothy Harney

Tim Harney: Artist's Statement

The preoccupations of my work are many and varied. While I paint landscapes, still life and make non-objective collages, the imagery of my paintings often involves the figure and some form of psychological portraiture. Some of the ideas and feelings I endeavor to express concern a sense of loss, the passage of time, things remembered or glimpsed -a history. The subject matter is second nature to me: family, history, memory, dreams and loss are the stuff of living and breathing and obviously, painting.

I hesitate when discussing the content of my work because one runs the risk of separating the medium of expression from the imagery. To speak of these things independent of each other is meaningless.

How I subtract or add to one form or another, juxtapose sizes and shapes, the consideration given to paint, color and the marriage of different materials (and sources) has everything to do with the feelings and more literal aspects of my paintings. These are collections of things: materials with their own history, materials with a history I've invested in them.

I work in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, pastel and collage. The dimensions of my work vary from large canvases to the smallest of miniatures. I am a painter.

Timothy Harney

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