Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ursula O'Farrell

"In my figurative oil paintings I seek to investigate life as I know it, exploring the many complex relationships and situations that are part of the human experience. Being of German and Chinese descent, I like to incorporate loose gestural strokes of brush and palette knife along with an intense color palette. My finished paintings often result in large-scale surfaces that infuse thick textures with unusually emotional color harmonies.

Most often, my paintings begin with a dance of paint, intuition and search. Nothing more. The creative act of painting on canvas and wood is the only known certainty. Nothing is scripted.; All else is serendipity, chance and an eagerness to see what may come from the primary intention of discovering the painting’s ultimate revelations.

My paintings include themes of female relationships, family, inner struggles and joyful celebrations. In all, they are connected by my overriding desire to find what is beneath the surface – to carefully investigate what is embedded in the content of each painting – very much like a Chinese fortune cookie, readying to reveal a particular hidden message in the center of its being."

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